Sampo Group’s Online Annual Report 2012 and Sampo’s video ‘25 Years as a Listed Company’ have been granted the international Red Dot Communication Design 2013 Awards.

Red Dot design award winner 2013

Terms and conditions for the use of Sampo plc's Online Annual Report

1. Committing to Terms of Use

Please carefully read the terms of use before accessing Sampo plc's Online Annual Report ("internet site") available at ( By accessing the internet site, the user indicates that they agree with and commit to these terms of use when using the internet site.

The user is not permitted to use the internet site unless the terms are accepted.

2. About the Information on the Internet Site

The internet site provides information and archive material for everyone interested in Sampo Group. Users can also send feedback related to communications and investor relations through the internet site.

3. Availability and Content of the Internet Site

The internet site and its content are a service provided by Sampo plc. The service is provided on an "as it is" basis. This means, among others, that Sampo plc does not guarantee the internet site to be available without interruption or errors. In addition, Sampo plc reserves the right to make changes to the internet site and limit the access to the site at any time. Sampo plc is also entitled to limit or terminate its service due to maintenance and updating of the internet site. Finally, Sampo plc provides no guarantees regarding the availability, accuracy, reliability or contents of the internet site.

4. Sampo plc's Liability

The information provided on the internet site cannot be regarded in any situation as a suggestion to sell or buy or as a commitment on any service provider’s part. The information provided on the internet site can under no circumstances constitute an offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments nor an advice or recommendation to take such an action.

Sampo plc is not liable for damages, costs, loss of sales, business interruptions or any other direct or indirect damages arising from either the use or inability to use the internet site or the services offered on the internet site, even in instances where Sampo plc has been notified of the possibility of such damage. In case some jurisdictions do not allow exclusion of certain limitations of liability, the liability of Sampo plc would in any such a case be limited to the greatest extent permitted by the relevant law.

5. Forward Looking Statements

The material available on the internet site also contains estimates regarding the future. Such estimates include for example views regarding economic outlook, the operating environment and capital markets. Expectations, scenarios and forecasts for Sampo plc and/or Sampo Group also contain estimates regarding the future. Examples of words used in such a context typically include "estimate", "expect" and "forecast".

Estimates and expectations for forward looking statements are based on the analysis of information available at the time and facts considered essential regarding the operating environment and Sampo plc and/or the plans of Sampo Group. They might include incomplete information, human error, unconscious uncertainty factors and risks related to the nature of the business, which may result in the actual development of the company's performance deviating considerably from the estimate.

The uncertainty factors and risks include;

  1. unexpected changes in the operating environment, such as customer behavior or authority regulation,
  2. general economic conditions, including fluctuations in security prices,
  3. competitive situation, as there can only be public information concerning the competitors' plans,
  4. operative risks in company management, data systems and business,
  5. development of methods used in analysis, and
  6. success of ongoing and future mergers and acquisitions.

Sampo plc is not responsible for any direct or indirect effects following difference between the estimates and the outcome.

6. Functionalities of the Site

Sampo plc's site offers several different functionalities, which aim to offer the user a variety of ways of examining the contents of the site using different approaches to presenting information, to create and save material from the site compiled as they wish and to print the pages for their own use.

The user can save individual pages from the site or more extensive sets of material in pdf format and print them. The user must take note that this is an extract from Sampo's site and this kind of extract can in no circumstances be referred to as Sampo's Annual Report. The user can also save their own notes with the texts from the pages as well as print their notes. Such notes are the user's own and Sampo is not responsible for their content. Neither are they part of Sampo's site or Annual Report.

The user can distribute links to Sampo's site by using social media and email. Sampo is not responsible for the user's personal comments shared in connection with the distributed links.

7. Links to Internet Sites Offered by a Third Party

Sampo plc's internet site may contain links to sites either owned or managed by third parties. Services provided by third parties may also be included on Sampo plc's internet site by using frames. When transferring to such a site, the user must review and accept their terms of use before starting to use the site. When transferring to a linked site, the user must also accept that the site is neither managed by Sampo plc, nor does Sampo plc have any control over the content of the material created or published on the site. Sampo plc neither is responsible for any of the material on sites managed by a third party, nor is responsible for any part of the damages and costs caused by the use of the internet sites owned or managed by third parties.

The inclusion of a third party link, which is not related to Sampo plc, on the internet site of Sampo plc does not in any way indicate that Sampo plc takes a stand on the products or services included on these sites.

8. Cookies

In using Sampo plc's internet site or the services provided by third parties on the site, the user may be required to accept cookies. Cookies are small text files which the internet site sends to the browser to be saved on the user’s computer. They are used, for example, for statistical purposes, in order to further develop the usability of the internet site. The cookies contain information about the user’s browser, the site usage and the user’s IP address.

Please note that the use of cookies can be blocked in the user's browser, although blocking cookies may result in the internet site not working properly either in full or in part.

9. Immaterial Property Rights and the Right to Use the Internet Site

The content of the internet site is protected by immaterial property rights. Sampo plc reserves all rights to the internet site and its contents. The reproduction, publication, assignment, modification, distribution or storage of the internet site content in whole or in parts in any form whatsoever is forbidden without written permission from Sampo plc, unless otherwise stated on the internet site. The user is permitted to view the internet site on a computer or a similar device and print out parts of the internet site for personal use only.

The use of releases and other documents classified as public by the media is permitted if the source of the information is stated and if the documents are published in an appropriate manner. If the user copies or downloads any information from the internet site, they are also under obligation not to remove or obscure any copyright or other notices contained in such information.

Separate terms of use may be attached to content available on Sampo plc's internet site or on internet sites offered by a third party on behalf of Sampo plc and those separate terms must be applied in addition to these terms of use.

10. Privacy

The personal data of users visiting the internet site is only used with their consent, for example as reported to Sampo plc by themselves. Unless otherwise stipulated, Sampo plc will not transfer personal information to third parties without the user's consent. Different terms of use and privacy protection practices may apply to certain services available through the internet site.

Sampo handles also traffic data on the Internet pages. Traffic data means data which can be associated with an individual user of the Internet pages and which is handled in communications network for the purpose of transmitting, distributing or providing messages. Sampo stores traffic data only for the purpose of securing the technical implementation and the usage of the network service as well as to assure the data security of the technical implementation and the usage of the network service.

Sampo plc collects, processes and analyzes data on the use, traffic, and events on the internet site, as well as other site related statistics. The data cannot be used to indentify separate users. Sampo plc can, if deemed necessary, also acquire such data from reliable third parties; however, only in a format that prevents the data from being restored to relate to one identifiable person.

If the user sends material to Sampo plc for example by e-mail or through the internet site, the user confirms that the material they are sending is not illegal or otherwise unfit for publication.

11. Applicable Law

These terms of use are governed by Finnish law.

12. Contacts

In questions relating to these terms and Sampo Group, the user can contact Sampo plc's Group Communications Unit. The user can complete the contact form to provide feedback or ask questions.

If the user wishes to supply information that is legally privileged (e.g. in the Insurance Companies Act) or relates to a customer relationship with Sampo Group, the message should be sent through the secured channels at the or internet sites.