Sampo Group’s Online Annual Report 2012 and Sampo’s video ‘25 Years as a Listed Company’ have been granted the international Red Dot Communication Design 2013 Awards.

Red Dot design award winner 2013

Notes to Sampo plc’s financial statements

Notes to the liabilities and commitments
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19 Pension liabilities
The basic and suplementary pension insurance of Sampo plc's staff is handled through insurances in Varma Mutual Insurance Company and in Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited.
20 Future rental commitments
EURm 2012 2011
Not more than one year 1 1
Over one year but not more than five years 3 3
Over five years - 0
Total 4 5
21 Off-balance sheet items
EURm 2012 2011
Underwriting commitments 1 1
Off-balance sheet items total 1 1
  To or on behalf of Group companies - -
  To or on behalf of associates - -