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More than 90 per cent of Sampo Group’s personnel works in P&C insurance. Life insurance employs 8 per cent and the parent company Sampo plc less than one per cent of the personnel.
Personnel by Company
Sampo Group, 2012


The average number of Sampo Group’s employees in 2012 amounted to 6,823 (6,874). In geographical terms Finland had 32 per cent of the personnel, Sweden 27 per cent and Norway 22 per cent. The share of Baltic countries, Denmark, Russia and other countries was 19 per cent.

Personnel by Country
Sampo Group, 2012

Years of Employment
Sampo Group Personnel, 2012

HR in If P&C Insurance

During 2012, HR in If P&C focused on supporting If’s corporate strategy theme, Skills and Initiatives, and its aim to strengthen the competence and innovation culture in the company. The theme, and the significant investments it has led to, made 2012 a year when people topics were in the forefront of realizing company strategy.

HR Activities Supporting the Company Strategy

During the fall of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, Performance Management was thoroughly discussed to secure that If has all the necessary building blocks in place to maintain its performance leadership. As a result of the discussions, HR launched the If People Framework – a road map to Performance Management in a broad sense.

The If People Framework puts emphasis on people issues, with targeted actions during 2012 within four key areas:

  • Developing If’s leadership model – Leadership the If Way: Increasing emphasis on maximizing employee engagement and commitment, customer and innovation focus while maintaining our world class business and management skills, hence evaluating and developing all If leaders accordingly.
  • Emphasizing ‘employeeship’ – If Performance Management: Targeting employees’ own will, contribution and responsibility, being the key drivers of better performance and increased competence, in turn leading to high motivation and great job satisfaction.
  • Securing ’the right person in the right place‘: Strengthening the If employer brand through social media, investing in focused activities for targeted groups, utilizing new recruitment technology, building internal ‘ambassadorship’ and emphasizing attitude more in recruitments.
  • Continued investments in competence development and innovation: Driving innovation processes across the company and developing If leaders, employees and specialists. During 2012 If employees utilized the large If Academy offering to build on their competence by taking 39,254 e-courses and participating 9,385 times in physical and virtual seminars. The strategic competence focus areas of underwriting and internet were subject for additional investments, as outlined below.

Competence Development Targeting Internet and Underwriting

If is improving its internet offerings to meet the shift in customer behavior resulting from the increased use of the internet. This requires increased cross functional cooperation between product development, product management, marketing, sales and distribution, IT etc. To facilitate this increased cooperation, If Academy has, together with If Top Management and IFL (Stockholm School of Economics), created the Product Development Program in which 100 specialists and leaders from all of the Nordic countries attends a 9 day high-quality training.

Another emerging focus area is specialist training and underwriting competence in particular. New tools and support to facilitate cooperation and sharing of information and skills are being developed in joint cooperation between If Academy and the business units.

Employee Satisfaction at a Very High Level

The result of the bi-annual employee satisfaction survey ’Temper’ continues to be very good. 9 out of 10 employees respond that they enjoy working in If, and the score of 6.11 (out of 7) for the question ’My leader and I have a good cooperation’ is evidence of the excellent leadership quality in If. There is a clear link between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and financial results, thus promising good things for the future.

Positive Development of Health Figure

The number of FTE:s has decreased marginally and personnel turnover has gone up slightly during 2012 as a result of targeted efficiency actions within some areas of the organization.

Sick leave percentages for the different countries lie between 0.75 per cent and 3.26 per cent with the exception of Norway. This means a decrease for most countries compared to 2011. Norway has a higher sick leave figure, but is also developing positively and is now at 4.84 per cent compared to 5,24 per cent in 2010.

Remuneration Highlights and Regulatory Impact

During 2012, If further refined its compensation governance in light of later years increased regulation and governance requirements and the increased focus on compliance of remuneration policies and compensation mechanisms. Work also centered on improving communication on individual compensation and the total reward framework in order to support recruitment and create a positive effect on retention.

HR in Mandatum Life

In 2012, Mandatum Life continued to invest in competence development and the development of a customer centric culture. In early 2012 a new information system, ML People, was implemented for competence development aiming to systemize the processes and management of competence development. As a part of the new system, an e-learning platform was also introduced to Mandatum Life employees. Almost all sales and customer service personnel have successfully completed the APV1 investment adviser diploma and managers in wealth management and corporate sales the APV2 investment adviser diploma. Also a new training curriculum has been introduced for building the competencies in both Money and Life business areas.

In remuneration development Mandatum Life HR has followed the strategic decision to pilot and participate in the development of new HR related services for customers. During spring 2012, a motivation and engagement survey was conducted for Mandatum Life employees. The survey has later been productized and piloted with corporate customers. A new personnel fund has been founded for the employees of Innova Personnel Fund and Pension Services Ltd. All employees of Mandatum Life also belong to a group pension plan taken by the company.

The development focus of effective and high quality HR services has been in both development of HR information systems and in the support of employee wellbeing. The Sick leave percentage has decreased and is annually 3.3 per cent. The systematic development work has decreased the costs related to low employee wellbeing and Mandatum Life returns to the lowest category in employee pension insurance premiums for 2013.

Mandatum Life was listed 21st among the Greatest Places to Work in Finland in 2012. Employee satisfaction has remained on a high level in an unstable market conditions: in a survey conducted in late 2012 the total Trust Index of Mandatum Life employees was 77 per cent and 83 per cent stated that ’Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work’.