Sampo Group’s Online Annual Report 2012 and Sampo’s video ‘25 Years as a Listed Company’ have been granted the international Red Dot Communication Design 2013 Awards.

Red Dot design award winner 2013


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Key figures.xls42,5 kB
Consolidated comprehensive income statement, IFRS.xls53,5 kB
Consolidated balance sheet, IFRS.xls62,5 kB
Statement of changes in equity, IFRS.xls35,5 kB
Statement of cash flows, IFRS.xls38 kB
Segment information.xls54,5 kB
1 Insurance premiums written.xls38 kB
2 Net income from investments.xls45 kB
3 Claims incurred.xls47,5 kB
4 Change in liabilities for insurance and investment contracts.xls32,5 kB
5 Staff costs.xls32 kB
6 Other operating expenses.xls33 kB
7 Result analysis of P&C insurance.xls32,5 kB
8 Performance analysis per class of P&C insurance.xls35 kB
9 Earnings per share.xls29,5 kB
10 Financial assets and liabilities.xls34,5 kB
11 Property, plant and equipment.xls36,5 kB
12 Investment property.xls39,5 kB
13 Intangible assets.xls42 kB
14 Investments in associates.xls39,5 kB
15 Financial assets.xls59 kB
16 Fair values.xls32,5 kB
17 Determination and hierarchy of fair values.xls43 kB
18 Movements in level 3 financial instruments measured at fair value.xls54 kB
19 Sensitivity analysis of level 3 financial instruments measured at fair value.xls32 kB
20 Investments related to unit-linked insurance contracts.xls31,5 kB
21 Deferred tax assets and liabilities.xls37 kB
22 Taxes.xls31 kB
23 Components of other comprehensive income.xls30,5 kB
24 Tax effects relating to components of other comprehensive income.xls31 kB
25 Other assets.xls34,5 kB
26 Cash and cash equivalents.xls31 kB
27 Liabilities from insurance and investment contracts.xls62 kB
28 Liabilities from unit-linked insurance and investment contracts.xls29,5 kB
29 Financial liabilities.xls35,5 kB
30 Provisions.xls31 kB
31 Employee benefits.xls45,5 kB
32 Other liabilities.xls34 kB
33 Contingent liabilities and commitments.xls42 kB
34 Equity and reserves.xls31,5 kB
35 Related party disclosures.xls33 kB
36 Incentive schemes.xls36,5 kB
37 Auditors' fees.xls31 kB
38 Legal proceedings.xls28,5 kB
39 Investments in subsidiaries.xls31 kB
40 Investments in shares and participations other than subsidiaries and associates.xls53 kB
41 Events after the balance sheet date.xls28,5 kB
Sampo plc’s income statement.xls43 kB
Sampo plc’s balance sheet.xls56 kB
Sampo plc’s statement of cash flows.xls34,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the income statement.xls34,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the assets.xls49,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the liabilities.xls44,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the income taxes.xls38,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the liabilities and commitments.xls30,5 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the staff and management.xls31 kB
Sampo plc’s Notes to the shares held.xls29,5 kB