Sampo Group’s Online Annual Report 2012 and Sampo’s video ‘25 Years as a Listed Company’ have been granted the international Red Dot Communication Design 2013 Awards.

Red Dot design award winner 2013

User guide

Welcome to Sampo's Annual Report 2012. Below, we have presented some features that improve the usability of the Annual Report.

My Report – How to build it?

You can choose the content of your own report.
1. Add Page You can add a page to My Report by clicking the uppermost icon of the Quick Tools. You can also remove a previously added page by clicking the same icon.
2. Manage My report All added pages are included in My Report. You can add or remove pages and edit your notes.
3. Download or Print You can print your report or download it in a PDF format.
Tip – Add Notes: You can add your own notes in the report by selecting text and clicking the Make a Note icon. All added notes are included in My Report.

We recommend

25 Years as a Listed Company Watch a video about Sampo's 25-year history as a listed company. PDF Reports You can download reports of Sampo, its subsidiaries and associated companies in PDF format from the bottom of the page. Tables You can download the tables of the Annual Report in Excel format.
Important dates:
  • 8 April 2013 The record date for the Annual General Meeting
  • 12 April 2013 The registration for the AGM will finish at 4 pm (CET+1)
  • 18 April 2013 Annual General Meeting
  • 19 April 2013 Ex-dividend date
  • 23 April 2013 Dividend record date
  • 30 April 2013 Dividend payment date
  • 8 May 2013 Interim Report for the period January–March 2013
  • 7 August 2013 Interim Report for the period January–June 2013
  • 5 November 2013 Interim Report for the period January–September 2013